The choir started back to our weekly practices at the beginning of January 2020. The choir took part in the annual St. David’s Day concert In St Michael’s Church, along with other musical organisations and was well received.



We were all pleased to be learning new pieces of music which would widen our repertoire. We were looking forward to performing at several events that had been confirmed for later in the year.

The highlight of the year was to be a weekend visit to Paignton where we would sing alongside The Riviera Singers to raise money for charity.

In March, we were advised to cancel all choir events due to the serious Covid-19 crisis. Naturally, we are extremely disappointed to abandon all practices and planned events for the foreseeable future and we miss the weekly contact and friendships of the choir.

However, we are looking forward to the time when we can meet and prepare our music, once again. It is such a joyful and uplifting activity.

We hope that all our choir members and supporters keep well and we send kind thoughts to all those organisations that are in the same situation as ourselves.

Keep safe and carry on! See you all soon!


Marilyn Allen